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Friday, April 13, 2007

More madness

Yup, I'm still in Sock Madness.

The round two pattern was called Mad-tini. It was fun to knit with slipped stitches spiralling down the leg. Here is my version, modelled by my mother:
It's hard to see the spiralling stitches because of the variegated yarn (the yarn is Gjestal's Silja, colour 330, knitted on 2,5 mm needles). My opponent seemed to be MIA. She was neither seen nor heard from. So I feel I got through this round by default.

In that respect round 3 was more fun (at least I think so now that I've had a week to forget about the stress). When I finished my opponent only had half a foot left to knit! The pattern in round 3 was called Painted Madness, and was made to showcase beautiful hand painted yarn. My socks, however, should probably be called striped madness:
The yarn is Hill Country Yarns - Instant Gratification Sock Yarn, the colour is Bluesy Woozy, I knitted the socks on 2,5 mm needles, but would recommend thicker needles (it was rather tiring to knit so thick yarn on such thin needles).

Looking at the socks now I wish I had switched the yarn for the socks, I think the slipped stitches would have been very interesting in striped yarn, while the variegated yarn would have been better showcased in round 3 pattern.

But now I have to go and find some yarn and needles in preparation for round 4 tomorrow...


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